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big boi

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty" (2010)

Feel Me (Intro) Lyrics – Big Boi

When the lush hangs off the chron, I know that your gone, ya feel me (feel me)
15 years off in this game, still nuttin changed, feel me (feel me)
Riding swiftly through the night, almost missed the light, if ya feel me (feel me)
Whether I'm right or wrong, I know that your gone, (I know) ya feel me (feel me)

Damn, that wasn't nuttin but the intro... Here we go

Daddy Fat Sax Lyrics – Big Boi

[Big Boi]
It is I, the B-I-G, the B-O-I
Me oh my, ears to the street and eyes to the sky
Kept my sights on the prize, wide open, door wide
like the thighs of a hooker spread, told the girl bye
I got bigger fish to fry, niggaz wish I would retire
Cause of the pressure I apply every time I bust a rhyme
None of the rest of ya are tryin, watch me stimulate the minds of the masses
while you niggaz kickin it like jackasses
And who you votin for, Republican or Democratic?
Don't say it doesn't matter cause that's how they stole the last one
Assassin's bullet might be waitin for Obama
Do you think they'll have a brother before Billy's baby mama?

[Chorus: scratches by DJ Cutmaster Swiff]
"Look at the way you look at me" - "Da-Daddy Fat Sax"
"In my Cadillac, six woofers and fo' amps"
"Look at the way you look at me" - "Da-Daddy Fat Sax"
"In my Cadillac, six woofers and fo' amps"
"Look at the way you look at me" - "Daddy Fat-Fat Sax"
"In my Cadillac, six woofers and fo' amps"
"Look at the way you look at me" - "Da-Da-Daddy Fat Sax"
"In my Cadillac, six woofers and fo' amps"

[Big Boi]
My daddy told me it was mine for the takin
A true gift from God, the stars aligned when they made me
Him and Rena's baby, their first born son
I'm Antwan Andr Patton, the only one
Bloodline of a champion with heart of the lion
I'm defyin all the laws like a caterpillar flyin
Way before my time and reside in the Dirty Dirty
where they still hangin nooses like we in the early '30s
Goddamn, you know who I am? {"Da-Daddy Fat Sax"}
Royal fam of Atlanta, Dungeon bitch you understand? (boy!)
This ain't what you want, let's be clear from the bungie
I write knockout songs, you spit punchlines for money


[Big Boi]
With my ears to the streets and my eyes to the sky
I'm on another planet my nigga and you just fly
(Why?) Cause I'm {"Da-Da-Daddy Fat Sax"}
Take that motherfucker, take that!
With my ears to the streets and my eyes to the sky
I'm on another planet my nigga and you just fly
(Why? Cause he's Daddy Fat Sax)
Ridin off in the Cadillac like that nigga


[Big Boi]
Yea {"Da-Da-Daddy Fat Sax"}
What his name is? {"Da-Da-Daddy Fat Sax"}
What ya talkin 'bout? {"Da-Da-Daddy Fat Sax"}
Boy stop!

Turns Me On Lyrics – Big Boi (feat. Sleepy Brown & Joi)

Niggas don't fuck with a nigga like me
'Cause a nigga like me don't fuck around
Niggas don't fuck with a nigga like me
'Cause a nigga like me don't fuck around

I know you see that
No one's competed
Ooh, that turns me on
Ooh, that turns me on

What turns me on about you, I doubt you have a clue
Sassy attitude and red bottom shoes, God, I'm mad at you
I do think you're fierce and that you killing them of course
With the features of an angel and the bottom of a horse

Thoroughbred, thorough head
Makes you moist like the dark fudge
Brownie with the nut of your choice
Soaking wet, all the feathers in the goose
Down, who's loose now?
You done let the juice ooze down

Do smile when you do it's on some ooh child
Kiss you in the mouth, juicy fruit, make it cool down
And make it truth, ain't it true now?
Divine neck, the respect, it ain't shit for me to prove out

You need some time, press the snooze down
I don't mind 'cause I'm as hard as all the iron
In all the tool house or tool shed
Go and play it like when alarm sound off around 2

I know you see that
No one's competed
Ooh, that turns me on
Ooh, that turns me on

Who gives a damn about the past?
I live for the day, plan for the future, pack a lunch and haul ass
Anyway, it ain't no time for no picnics
This that business, the slickness to get your chick hit quick

I make her drip all her liquids
Then get butt booty naked when I spit on some pimp shit
Make her legs shake so she never loses interest
Calling out my name when I'm asking whose is this?

Naw, it's not a game, ass falling out the frame
With my Polaroid camera I have to take two flicks
She can't avoid all the stamina, we do this
With no steroids or other artificial juices

Therefore, she now's the undisputed truth
When I slip into this bood while I slid into this booth
I'm kicking it with you, lot like martial artists do
We can break boards and you can kick rocks

I know you see that
No one's competed
Ooh, that turns me on
Ooh, that turns me on

Sit yourself down on the big old bed
Turn your body 'round here let me give you some
Don't you want to make a freaky memory with me?
So later on you can think about it then you'll be like damn
That turns me on

I know you see that
No one's competed
Ooh, that turns me on
Ooh, that turns me on

From the back
Now from the front

Follow Us Lyrics – Big Boi (feat. Neil Garrard, Big Rube)

[Big Boi]
With one stroke of the pen I tune in to your satellite radio
or FM station; I've been patiently waitin, to weigh in
Been under construction for two years
But now it's 'bout that time I double-dutch my way in
Left foot, right foot, steppin over biters
It's like the game is haunted cause there's so many ghostwriters
Me, see I'm a lifer with supply that may seem endless
Straight rider like a biker on a chopper with a hitlist
Witness, the nigga that spit that vicious
Pitbull attack shit when it comes to this rap shit
... Daddy Fat Sax (bitch) follow us

[Chorus 2X: Neil Garrard]
Follow us, now
Try to all the way, now
It's not another let, down
Got somethin to say, right now

[Big Boi]
I know some of y'all done wrote a nigga off
Like the leases on these cars and these homes you niggaz thought
you stayed in, with so many bosses why are they still
layin niggaz off they job? Nigga for real
Gon' give a nigga a gig then
Help a brother get up out this pigpen
But nobody wants to keep it pimpin or 110
So with this pen I begin to illustrate from within, boy (boy)

[Neil Garrard]
Paint a pretty picture like I'm chillin with my friends
Everybody's got a pocket full of ends to spend

[Big Boi]
See Picasso couldn't blend, put it all together or fit in
I'm like a crocodile walkin 'round with alligator skin
Yes I'm is, the product of the ghetto where I lived
Call me Spongebob boy (boy) soaked up game as a little bitty kid
And never been a lame, before the fame I was the shit
And now I'm just Big, ya dig?


[Neil Garrard]
Why don't you come and find out
What this is all, about
I, will only say this once
So, come and follow us

[Big Boi]
See we not even gonna play with 'em either
We gon' la-la-lay it down every fuckin time we see 'em
Make the club get crunk, yea, we them type of people
But wait, it's not a sequel, no wait, it's BB's prequel
The beginnin before the beginnin, spend it how you spend it
Then, if you sell dope nigga stack it when you get it
Can't trick it, or spend it until it's gone
That's slippery business holmes, gon' get you a business loan


[Outro: Big Rube]
Now I lay you niggaz down
You already sleep so bitch rest in eternal peace
You still scared of the Boogeyman?
I know you hatin but you know you was a 'Kast and a Goodie fan
Ain't no night light, it's light's out
I put these lyrics up your ass so far you never get the mic out
I know who you wanna sound like
With that Fruity Loop bullshit, fuck nigga night-night

Shutterbug Lyrics – Big Boi (feat. Bosko, Cutty, Debra Killings)

[Big Boi]
Uhh, I keep it playa while some choose to play it safe
Boy check the rsume, it's risky business in the A (A)
And I've been witness to this history, ever since the 10th grade
We went from rockin braids to temp fades
I twist my A hat to the side just for style
Or throw on the Gucci bucket with the flowers super fly
Wow, the Southern pride been known to shut it down
It ain't so country though nigga, this ain't no Gomer Pyle
I'm Sergeant Slaughter, I keep my shit cooked to order in order
to satisfy my people in Georgia and cross the water
And, across the border the esse's are gettin smarter
They got flour for tortillas and lettuce for enchiladas
If you follow, wink wink, No Doubt we +Don't Speak+
In a blink them folks can have you sleepin in the clink
I'm shittin on niggaz and peein on the seat
It's the nigga, the B-I-G B-O-I, O-U-T

[Chorus: Big Boi + (Cutty)]
Now party people in the club it's time to cut a rug
And throw the deuce up in the sky just for the shutterbuggs
I'm double fisted and you empty you can grab a cup
Boy stop, I'm just playin, let me dap you up
(Baby baby - baby baby)
(You're in my system - you're in my system)
(Baby baby - baby baby)
(Tell me you're listenin - tell me you're listenin)

[Big Boi]
Boy, it's after 12, club like a hive B
A beehive cause now everybody buzzin around me
Could it be the way that the verse is sounding?
Came up on the Geto Boys and the Underground Kingz
Toys, I had a Brougham, called it Pretty Brown Thing
Paint look like root beer when the sun was shining
Known to keep a bad bitch, no niggaz beside me
Index finger on the trigger case niggaz is clowning
Not to flex but to +Protect My Neck+ like the Wu-Tang
Self-preservation is the rule when you do aim
Or get in somethin more sinister, you gotta be the finisher
Make it so the doctors they can't replenish him
Or bring him back to life..
.. back to reality
Gon' get him some hoes, leave it alone
Triple O.G. status, A-Town's very own


[Cutty + (Debra Killings)]
Now this goes out to all my playas in the back sippin 'gnac
Bendin round corners in the 'llac
Cut a rug, playa now cut a rug
Throw yo' deuces in the sky for the shutterbuggs
(And this goes out to all my ladies in the front) What you want?
You make me wanna breed, girl freeze
Cut a rug (lady now) cut a rug
(And throw yo' deuces in the sky for the shutterbuggs)


[Outro: Bosko + (Cutty)]
Tell me you're listenin cause you're all up in my system
I can feel ya from my head to my toes, to my toes
(You're in my system, my system)
Lucious Left Foot got his best foot forward, darling
Lord have mercy how them flows stay so cold, froze
(Tell me you're listenin, listenin)
... Cut a rug, cut a rug
(You're in my system, my system) Shutterbugg
... Cut a rug, cut a rug
(Tell me you're listenin)

General Patton Lyrics – Big Boi (feat. Big Rube)

[Verse One: Big Boi]
Get the South dick up out your mouth, what are you talking about
See we know everything you're about, so try another route
Paperboy, you can't destroy what we done built
Pick on someone your own size, or fuck around and get killed
But not like the kilt above you knees, BB
Will plant you niggaz like seeds, or fertilizer for the trees
Emergency vehicle last seen speeding from the scene
Nigga, take one for the team now he's bleeding from the spleen
Stay so fresh and oh so motherfucking clean
No blood spatter or evidence, long distance with a beam
We come in peace while some of ya'll niggas come in greed gluttons
Fucking up the game like ice, heroin, or speed, slow down nigga

[Verse Two: Big Boi]
Speed it up like The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, boy go fast
Not a hobby, this my life, you disrespect it, that's your ass
As one half of the Outkast, return like the ghost of Christmas past
It's the son of Chico Dusty, must be West Savannah bad
Had to got to church every Sunday with Great-Grandma and Grandad
Taught me always follow Jesus when the grass didn't have a path
If I ever fell astray, then God will get me back on track
Didn't say that Rico, Ray, and Pat was getting with me and Three Stacks
Then we spitting cuz we killing everything we attack
Special Forces of this rap game, so you best take heed of that
All that shit you rappers lack, we got plenty, here's snack
Don't ruin their appetitie, cuz you shit is really wack
Wack ass nigga

[Outro: Big Rube]
Another battle one, Another story to tell
Listen to the angelic plucking of strings
As Sir Lucious puts his left foot forward
And rides off into the horizon of infinite regression, victorious
Undefeated on the battle field against the means of ignorance, greed, and hatred
All contenders to the throne are left naked
Because the truth is the only thing you can never be stripped from
And if you want to commit to that truth
Then you could end the vicious cycle that's affecting our youth today
I you just stop lying, if you just stop lying
Stop lying.....lying